Peace of mind comes from putting your affairs in order with an attorney-prepared estate plan. A good estate plan is the key to protecting your family and ensuring that your hard-earned assets will be managed according to your wishes upon your death or incapacity.  [Read more]

When a loved one is incapacitated or dies, the person designated to manage his or her affairs (i.e., an agent under a power of attorney, an executor of a will, or the successor trustee of a trust) has a very important job to do.  [Read more]

Conflicts can arise between surviving family members, beneficiaries, and even creditors of an estate or trust. When a will or trust has been poorly drafted--or there is no estate plan at all--disagreements over the handling of estate assets can lead to litigation. [Read more]

Wills and Living Trusts 

Probate and Trust Administration

Trust and Estate Litigation