Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning

Unlike fill-in-the-blank and one-size-fits-all products available on the internet or in office supply stores, our firm provides personalized estate planning services with careful attention to each client's unique circumstances.

A distinguishing feature of the way in which we conduct business is that we meet face to face with each client to personally spend as much time as needed to become fully familiar with your family situation, listen to your wishes, and recommend a customized estate plan to reduce taxes and maximize the efficiency and benefit of your estate to your family and other beneficiaries. 

Probate and Trust Administration

When it is time to carry out an estate plan, whether it's a living trust or the court-supervised probate of a will, the person named to handle the affairs of an incapacitated or deceased person must perform the legal duties of a "fiduciary" in strict accordance with both the estate plan documents and a host of California laws. A fiduciary who fails to perform these duties can be removed from office, and become personally liable for damages and legal costs.

Our firm offers legal guidance in both court-supervised probates and non-court trust administrations to assist clients in carrying out their legal duties and ensure that the handling of estate assets is done according to law.

Trust and Estate Litigation

Conflicts can arise between surviving family members, beneficiaries, and even creditors of an estate or trust. When a will or trust has been poorly drafted--or there is no estate plan at all--disagreements over the handling of estate assets can lead to litigation.

Our firm provides aggressive legal advocacy for clients in these situations.  Often, the window of time to take action is very short, and an attorney should be consulted immediately after the problem arises.  Because the statutory law and rules of court applicable to estates and trusts are unique, it is vital to obtain the assistance of an attorney with experience litigating trust and estate matters.